Curtis Granderson


 Curtis Granderson Milwaukee Brewers, All-Star 2011& 2012 (New York Yankees) & 2009 (Detroit Tigers.)

Curtis Granderson on Coach Kelso:

“Tom Kelso’s idea and strategy on working to failure really showed me I could push myself further than what I previously believed possible, and there was still a lot more in my body. His methods and knowledge were great attributes to help me reach my maximum potential throughout college and allowing me to take the next step to the pro level and the major leagues!”

Errict Rhett

Errict Rhett former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Baltimore Raven, and Cleveland Brown.
1994 NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year

Errict Rhett on Coach Kelso:

“Thank you for all the hard work you put me through. It’s really paying off. You said one day I’ll get the chance to show what I can do. Sometimes I felt that you were the only one that had any confidence in me. Thanks for everything!”

Mark Everett

Mark Everett1988, 1992 & 2000 Olympics. World and National Champion

Mark Everett on Coach Kelso:

“Coach Kelso’s strength training program helped me improve my speed on the track and prepare for the intense Olympic training regimen later in my career. He showed me how to really push myself for maximum gains relative to my running program.”

Jim Kielbaso

"This book is a valuable resource for the coach and trainer seeking productive interval and circuit conditioning programs. In response to the increased popularity of boot camp and large group circuit training, Tom Kelso has added all the tools needed for designing those types of workouts to this second edition of The Ultimate Interval & Circuit Training Manual. The always confounding questions of what exercises to use, how long the work and rest periods should be, and how to train large groups of clients and athletes can all be resolved with this text. Personal trainers, boot camp instructors, and sport coaches have another valuable reference to use with this massive collection of intervals, circuit workouts, and exercise options."


Jim Kielbaso, M.S., C.S.C.S., Director - Total Performance Training Center, Wixom, Michigan

Matt Brzycki

"Tom Kelso is one of the deepest thinkers whom I’ve ever met.  If he was in an industry/field other than strength and fitness, I think that he’d be up for a Nobel Prize.  I’m totally serious.  The deepest thinkers in strength and fitness whom I've ever met - excluding Art Jones who is an entirely different species – include Chip Harrison, Mike Bradley, Ken Mannie and Tom Kelso.  To be clear, there are really, really smart people around in the strength and fitness industry like Wayne Westcott, Teddy Lambrinides and so on.  And then there are really, really deep thinkers like Tom Kelso who are really, really smart but also examine things on a totally higher level.”


Matt Brzycki, Strength Fitness Author and Columnist - Princeton University, New Jersey

Ken Mannie

"In the second edition of The Ultimate Interval & Circuit Training Manual, Tom Kelso expounds on the conditioning protocols that were so expertly presented in the first edition. Without question, interval training - when properly devised and administrated - rates high among the safest, most highly productive, extremely efficient, and progressively adaptive training protocols available to coaches and athletes. With the inclusion of the ever-popular circuit training, Tom provides specific programs covering a wide spectrum of not only sport, but general-population, training protocols that are easily understandable with practical chart formats to track progress and manipulate intensity and difficulty. All the reader must do is plug in the sport/circuit desired, the required training distance or time requirement, the venue, and the desired volume and intensity levels…and get to work!  Great conditioning is soon to follow. The book is a must have training tool for all coaches and trainers who want to provide their athletes/clients with a safe, easy-to-follow, scientifically proven, and effective training system with a built-in progression model."


Ken Mannie, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Michigan State University

Luke Carlson

"I was just using your chapter in "Maximize your Training: Insights from " in the attempt to educate our women's cross country and track head coach about the relationship between muscular strength and endurance (pg. 48 and on). Fantastic writing. Reminiscent of Arthur Jones. Truly awesome."


Luke Carlson - C.E.O. Discover Strength - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Randy Popple

"Tom Kelso's book is a useful tool for any sport coach, conditioning coach, or athlete who needs the precise guidelines for conducting effective interval training workouts."


Randy Popple, Former Strength & Conditioning Coach - Minnesota Twins, 1998 - 2006

The late Maria Whitehead

"Coach Kelso is the real deal. This book is a great blueprint for any athlete or coach who is looking for structure in their training. With hard work and ample recovery, our athletes were consistently reaching their goals. Our continued success is a direct reflection of Tom's training program."


The late Maria Whitehead, Head Field Hockey Coach - Saint Louis University, 2003 - 2005

Fred Fornicola

"In a time when performance and pain are misconstrued as progress and toughness, Tom Kelso hammers home the unvarnished truth about safe, rational, and productive exercise. The Ultimate Interval and Circuit Training Manual (like all of Tom's work) is a well-thought-out, strategic approach to enhancing strength, speed, agility, calorie-burning, and overall performance. This book is multilayered in that it serves the needs of all level of trainees - from the recreational to the most competitive. It is a treasure trove of information for any serious coach or trainer."


Fred Fornicola, Fitness Specialist - Fit By Fred, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Rich Tuten

"The Interval Training Manual is the most comprehensive collection of multi-sport interval runs, with a large variety to choose from. All target and recovery time calculations have been accounted for - along with a progressive plan and weekly training options. A coach simply selects the running venue, the type and length of the interval, the level of difficulty needed, and all the data is at your fingertips for conducting accurate and effective interval training workouts."


Rich Tuten, Former Strength Coach - Denver Broncos, 1995 to 2012

Dave and Patty Durell

"Following the tradition of his previous books, Tom Kelso's latest work provides safe, effective, time-efficient interval and circuit workouts that can be utilized in practically any exercise environment. Whether you are a coach, athlete, personal trainer, physical educator, or weekend warrior, this book will serve as an invaluable guide that should be a go-to resource in your fitness library."


Dave and Patty Durell, Founders - Rock Solid Fitness, Tampa, Florida

Tom Gray & Sarah O'Malley

"Tom’s understanding of training and recovery helped our players push themselves beyond their perceived limits. His program got our players ready for a long collegiate season and had them peaking during the post-season. We point to the work he did with our tam as a concrete reason for our success."


Tom Gray & Sarah O'Malley-Fisher, Co-Head Softball Coaches - University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001 - 2008

Matt Brzycki

"Tom Kelso is one of the most creative and knowledgeable strength and fitness professionals that I've met in my 25-plus years in the fitness industry. Whenever he puts pen to paper, it's a "must read."


Matt Brzycki, Strength Fitness Author and Columnist - Princeton University, New Jersey